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IJSRMS has Peer-review of the highest quality, rapid editorial decisions, and open access at reasonable prices.

--- Dr. Eng. Magdy Shayboub A. Mahmoud., Egypt

I am editorial board member of at least 10 different journals. None of their online systems for paper handling nor any of their online publications have been as accessible, or as beautiful, as the IJSRMS system. It’s truly unique.

--- Prof. Arnold Hayes, Sudan

I believe that it is critical that research should be available as open access and that we should support alternative models and experiments in how to go about paying for open access.

--- Dr. Zainab Mahmood Aljamali, Babylon University, IRAQ

The web interface is really great. So far I’ve only used this as an editor and not as an author but it was so intuitive and easy to use - the immediate reaction is “why can’t all journals design their interfaces like this?” I really like how the papers look on the web and the way IJSRMS shows figures to capture interest in the articles.

--- Dr. Larry Bekman, China

It is a great pleasure to serve as a reviewer for IJSRMS. The journal has created an efficient review system which can easily find the right reviewer to review the manuscripts. I experienced this merit because all of the manuscripts forwarded to me are closely related to my research interests and I can give my scientific comment quickly and easily.  A good review system can benefit both reviewers and authors and help cutting-edge work.

---Dr. William Carvin, Canada

My experience in publishing our manuscript in IJSRMS was positive.  The speed of processing was the fastest of all the journals I have encountered.  The peer review and editorial comments were to-the-point and professional.  The open reader access greatly enhances article visibility.  I would publish again in this journal if I have suitable studies to publish.

--- Hafida Lebik, Algeria

Having just published in IJSRMS for the first time, I can attest that I was impressed by the process. Every stage from submission to publishing was simple and efficient.

---U.G.Mulla J.G, India

Recently we published a paper describing secure signature scheme. I was impressed by the prompt processing and speed of publication.  The comments from the reviewers allowed me to improve the paper significantly.  The reviews were scientifically deep and objective, which is very valuable because in many journals decisions to publish or not to publish are very unfair and subjective.

--- Sattar J. Aboud, United Kingdom

My experience has been incredible. I have even has other authors contact me and I was more than happy to point them towards IJSRMS.

--- Priyadarshini Padhi, India